Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day without Dad

Today is the first time in my life I cant celebrate Father's Day wit my Dad.
I cant see my Dad, I cant talk to my Dad, I cant hear my Dad's voice anymore.

I really would like to say "Dad, Happy Father's Day. I Luv U!!"
But now, I dun even hav tat chance anymore. God does not giv me a chance to say it for the 2nd times to my Dad. God is too fast take my Dad to His beside.

I think a lot of ppl will celebrate the Father's day wit their luvly Dads. But not for me, I juz can see n envy to them coz I cant celebrate or even call back home to say Happy Father's day to my Dad.

However, I will say it here, n I hope my Dad will see or hear me.
"Dad, Happy Father's Day! I really really really LOVE U!! U r the BEST Dad tat I ever had. I'm really proud to be ur daughter. I really thank to God coz U is my Dad. I never regret to be born in tis family. Coz U n Mom who r the one create tis family. Although God takes U to His beside too fast, Although we cant create more memories together wit u, but we really ever had happy n nice moments together before. I will keep it in my heart n my mind forever. So, I will always know n feel tat Dad is always beside me. Will always protect us n support us... Coz I know tat Dad LOVE us so much, same as we LOVE U so MUCH!!! Do u hear me Dad?? Do u see me from the heaven?? I know u do rite??"

The BEST photo wit Dad. I MISS U, Dad!!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Hari-Hari tanpa Papi terasa begitu hampa

Hari hari tanpa Papi dirmh terasa hampa.
Smua berbeda. smua ud ga sama.
Apa yg mesti kami lakukan?
kenapa Papi msti pgi tb2?
kenapa smua ini harus terjadi?
kenapa hidup ini bgitu ga adil?
kenapa?? kenapa??
bgtu byk pertanyaan didlm pkran, tpi smua ga bisa terjawab.
apa yg bisa dilakukan kcuali menerima smuanya..
tpi g ga sanggup. bnr2 ga sanggup. smuany dtg terlalu tb2.

Papi pgi terlalu buru2, tnpa mengatakan spatah katapun.
Tanpa menyampaikan kata2 terakhr bt kami.
Tanpa menunggu kami bt meliatny yg terakhir kali.
G ga rela.. bnr2 ga rela...
Tpi apa daya, smua ud terlambat. smua ud terjadi..
apa yg bisa dilakukan slaen menyalahkan hidup ini yg begitu tidak adil.

G tau Papi ga ingin meliat kami yg bgtu lemah.
Tpi kami bnr2 ga sanggup merelakan Papi bt kesisi Tuhan.
Terlalu cepat. terlalu tb2.
Kami msh perlu Papi..
Kami ingin Papi disisi kami.
Kami bnr2 berharap smua ini hanyalah mimpi.
Kami ingin cpt2 bgn dri mimpi buruk ini.
Tapi knapa kami ga bisa bgn??
Kenapa kami msti ttp hidup dlm mimpi yg menyakitkan ini??
Kenapa ya Tuhan??
Jawablah smua pertanyaan kami ini...

Hamba-Mu ini ga ingin apa2.
Smua bole ditukarkan. smua bole diambil.
Tapi jgn ambil Papi.
Kami ingin Papi.
Kami kangen akan Papi.
Kangen akan wajahnya.. kangen akan senyumanny.. kangen akan suarany...
n kangen akan smuanya...

Bgtu byk kenangan akan Papi, bgtu byk barang2 yg prh dipake Papi,
gmn kami bisa melupakan smuany??
smuany msh tersimpan dg baek di dlm hati n pikiran kami.
tpi kini smuany cma lah tggl kenangan.
kenangan indah yg kemudian menjadi menyakitkan bt kami stiap kali tersirat dlm pkran.

Apa yg mesti kami lakukan?
tanpa Papi smuany bnr2 berubah.
Mami uda ga sama, Mami sring kali ngs tiba2.
Mami lbh byk murung, menjadi kurus, n ga bisa tdr dg baek.
Ko2 msti tb2 menjadi kepala kluarga, tanggung jawab yg besar tb2 msti ditanggungnya.
Cece2 smua sedi n tiap kali mengatakan mrka trasa dlm mimpi.
Smua ga bisa menerima.
Smua ga menyangka.
Tpi smua ud terjadi.
Smua ga bisa diubah.
Kami hanya bisa menerima, walau ini smua terlalu ssh.

Saturday, April 11, 2009



my life 一直在等待
my life yi zhi zai deng dai
My life always waits for something

kong dang de kou dai
Just like an empty pocket

xiang zai li mian fang yi fen ai
Wish that my heart can let out some love

why 总是被打败
why zong shi bei da bai
why am I always defeated

zhen de hao wu nai
I really can do nothing else

qi shi wo shi shi zai zai
However, I am here for real

bu guan shuai bu shuai
No matter if I am handsome or not

xiang yao zhao hui lai zi ji de jie pai
I want to search back my own rhythm

suo yi zhe yi ci
That’s why this time

wo yao yong gan da sheng shuo chu lai
I want to say it out loud bravely

qi dai qi dai ni fa xian wo de ai
Waiting, waiting for you to find my love

wu suo bu zai wo zi ran er ran de guan huai
There’s nothing else, I’m genuine but my sincerity is overlooked

ni de cun zai xin ling gan ying de fang xiang
Your existence is my heart’s inspiration, my responses’ direction

wo yi yan jiu kan chu lai
My eye can see through

shi yin wei aiIs
because of love

wo chai ni zao yi fa xian wo de ai
I guess you have found my love since the beginning

rao ji ge wan yue kao jin yue ming bai
Turning around some corners, the closer it gets the more can understand

bu yao zou kai
Don’t want to walk away

xing fu de kai shi jiu shi fang shou qu ai
The start of happiness is that of setting the love free

Ps: 期待你的爱

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Crazy + Happy Time

Today, I had a PIIT meeting wit nek laur n husin. (N nobody know where's Arie, coz he din come to the meeting, even husin who stay the same house wit him also dunno where's him =.=" ) Ok, since nek Rita n nek Susan din hav any place to go, then they followed us to go into the discussion room. haha
N then wat's the 1st thing tat husin mentioned before we had a meeting?? 'Dun gossiping!!" hahahaha u know why he always mention tat? coz, everytime we had a meeting, we always had other things to talk which were not related to our topic. So, we always waste our time in gossiping other things. :P But, today.. we r not juz gossiping as usual, but we did more than tat. U guys know wat's tat?? hahaha
See below...
Nek Rita.. the one who started taking pic n being narcissism... hahaha

N followed by tis... haha

N OMG!! being narcissism using someone's handphone was not enough.. nek Rita then suddenly set her pic wit susan as wallpaper in nek Laur's Hp. My God!! hahaha
N then... tis was the only guy in tat room. Who juz could shake his head when he saw us taking pics. hahaha Virus of narcissism from nek Rita was spreading so fast. so, those below r the victims of the virus... haha
N here r the group of narcissism... hahahaha

Again??? :P
Husin: "Hoii... meeting oi, meeting!!" hahahahaha
Ok, finally we finished our meeting on 3.30 pm. N then me, nek Laur, n nek Susan suddenly planned to go to spring. Since both of them wan to cut thier hairs then I juz followed n accompanied them.
Waiting in the salon for almost 1 hour. Felt very sleepy n boring.. coz, the magazines in the salon r all in the chinese. =.=" So, I was juz waiting n listening to my MP3 while doing use cases for my project.
N after they finished, we went to Secret Recipe!! Yay!! Chocolate Banana cake I'm coming... hahaha
Below is Nek laur in her new hair style. nice?? hehe
Taraaa... cake is coming.. yummy!!
Susan ordered Oreo Cheese cake... quite nice oo..
Nek Laur's one... Blackpepper Lamb pie... it's nice!! But.... after finished, I juz know tat's lamb pie.. Yaks!! N suddenly I felt my stomach was not really well. hahaha
N here... mineeeee.... Chocolate Banana cake.. Wuiih!! It's really nice.. really nice oo.. try it!! haha already wan to eat it for such a few days.. then finally today I ate it!! hahaha so happy!! ^ ^
We started to being narcissism again... hahaha btw, nek Susan what r u doing behind me??
I juz wanna take a pic of me n my chocolate banana cake.. Yeah.. yeah.. Juz me n the cake.. hahaha not including u. Aaarggh!!

N now juz can including u here... hahaha
Hahaha Nek Laur nice or not??
Nek Susan n her cake...
N last... Me n my chocolate banana cake.. yummy!! hahaha
Wuiih.. got my name in the cake oo.. nice?? >__<

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Cake... cake... Yummy!!! >_<

Ok, in tis post I will talk about Cakes... everything cakes!! Yummy!!! Hahaha

Why I wan to talk about cakes?? coz last holiday, when I went back to my hometown, I ate a lot of cakes... especially bday cakes. haha U know why?? Coz since my 2nd sis wanna learn on how to make bday cakes, then she tried to make bday cakes for my bro, my 3rd sis, my dad, n for me too. haha I got help her too, since I was enjoying help her in decorating the cakes. >_<

Tis was a Chocolate Ice Cream Bday cake for my Bro.. Ice cream oo.. Yummy!!! It really tasted nice... But, we really spent much time in decorating it since the ice cream was easy melt.
The decoration was really simple rite?? haha
My Bro n his son "Yang2"...

N tis was a bday cake for my 3rd sis, We decorated it wit whipped cream.. N it tasted nice... hehehe Ah ya.. actually my bro oso got help us in decorating tis cake. He is quite good n expert too.. hahahaha

My 3rd sis.. N again wit Yang2... hehe So sweet... =)

N tis was a bday cake for my Dad... Looks elegant rite?? I luv it. ^^
At first, juz me n my 2nd sis who doing the decoration. But, suddenlly my dad came n wanted to try too. Coz, he felt so 'geram' n wanted to try... hahaha really so funny!! But at last, we asked my bro came n helped us in decorating it, coz we din hav any ideas on how to decorate it again. hahaha
Taraaaaa......... Nice, nice??

After cut, Wuuiih... inside got blueberry jam too.. Yummy.. >_<

My Luvly Dad, Mom n Yang2... I luv tis pic so much..

N Us... hehe But, so sad my 1st sis n bro in law n thier son r not inside tis pic. Coz, they all stay in Hongkong. T.T

N here... Tis was mine.. hehe Cutie "Frog" bday cake... Kawaiii ne... hahaha Again, thanks sis!!
Wit pineapple jam inside...
Me n Luvly Yang2... Peaceee... hehehe

N here r the cakes tat I made when I was in my hometown... During my holiday, sometimes I felt so boring at home so I tried to make myself busy by learning on how to make cakes. N of course wit my Sisters n my Mom guidance. hahaha So, I should thanks to them... hehe
1st cake tat I made... I think u guys ever saw it in my previous post rite?? haha
N here r the Chocolate biscuit tat I made for valentine's day... Love.. Love.. haha My mom helped me a lot. Thanks mom!!
N after packaged... Susan n her bro said tis biscuits tasted nice oo.. N susan said she wanna the recipe. haha feel happy to heard it. thanks nek.. hehe

N here r the 1st cup cakes tat I made for my family n Susan in the valentine's day... My Mom said it's so nice... So happy when I heard it. hehehe
After... Kawaii?? hehe Full of love... suitable for valentine rite?? haha But, I tell u the truth... those cup cakes r really so sweet... hahaha
Yang2 wit the Cup cakes after packaged...
N here r the 3rd times I made cup cakes... (The 2nd times one I din take pic of it) hehe My 3rd sis n 2nd sis helped me a lot in decorating it since I was too tired already. thanks sis!! hehe
I made these cup cakes one day before I came back to Kch. The purpose was to make for Nek Laur n my other friends.. Tis time was full of Chocolate one... So nice... haha wanna make some for my 1st sis next time when she come back to my hometown. hehehe

Ok, Tat's all. Do u guys enjoying the cakes??? Pls dun lick ur computer screen oo.. hahaha

I wanna learn on how to make cakes again next time... It's really fun!! really oo... hahaha N u can feel very happy n satisfy when other said ur cakes r nice. haha

New trend in FB

Guys, do u think tat tis few weeks a lot of our friends or maybe including U n Me hav followed a new trend in the Facebook?? haha Since a lot of ppl including my friends hav switched their social networking in Friendster to Facebook. Ok, maybe I couldnt say 'switch' since their Friendster accounts r still exist. hahaha But, mostly of my friends or maybe including me din open the Friendster accounts for such a long time already. =P
Do u know why?? coz a lot ppl find tat Facebook is more fun than Friendster. There r a lot of features or applications tat we could find in Facebook but not in Friendster. Ok, maybe Friendster has trying hard to change their features or applications as like Facebook. But, I din see tat their changes make it more fun like the Facebook. =P Wah, I feel tat I'm so bad. haha

Ok, we back to the topic. Do u guys know wat's the new trend in Facebook tat I mean?? A new habit tat make a lot of our friends sign in their accounts at home, sch, lab, library or even in the class. haha which spent our time on everyday, every hour or even every minute.. hahaha Ok, the answer is Quizes!! Now, a lot of ppl make quizes in the Facebook. Any kind of quizes such as about life, friends, personality, love, or even those funny quizes like 'When will u die?' or 'Which Twilight guy should u date??' Hahaha really such funny quizes. But, by answering those quizes, it really can release my stress although for a while. Don u think so?? ^___^

Here r the results of quizes tat I ever answered. Some of the quizes tat I answered r in Indonesia language too. N There r a lot of funny results tat I get, but I think some of them r quite true oso. haha

"What disney character are you?" quiz and the result is: Cinderella - You'll do any thing for friends wih all the love there is inside you. you love dressing up and have many great friends you value so much.
-->> Yay!! Cinderella?? So where is my Prince?? hahaha

"Which type of woman are you?" quiz and the result is: Lovely Lady - You are lovely and caring. You help others and spread out a lot of sympathy. Your life aim maybe is to serve the people. But your weakness is that you forget about yourself, your own needs. All your time is hold back for your friends and family. You are always there for people in trouble. Ready for any emergency. You make a lot of sacrifices just to be a good human. But every woman has her needs, her longings and a destiny. Don't loose yourself in work or curing other people's souls. You will have your own problems in your life. Another problem is that you don't say your opinion when it's right and important to say it. People trample onto your soul if you are always so kind and lovely and helpful. They will play on you. Though you should try to relax more and enjoy your life, you should not loose the gift that was given to you to help others . Not everyone is created this way... You are uniqe and rare!
-->> Am I?? haha

"What flavor are you..." quiz and the result is: Vanilla - You're a calm and quite person ,people will admire you in the first sight . but sometimes you can be wild..
-->> Really??? I can be wild as well?? hahaha

"How many kids will you have?" quiz and the result is 8 kids!
-->> Wow!! Really a lot... hahaha Then I should learn of how to take care of them.. or else maybe I must marry wit a millionnaire guy, so can ask babysitters to take care of them. hahaha

"WHAT DO PEOPLE THINK OF YOU AT FIRST SIGHT?" quiz and the result is: you are funny :) - People like you as soon as they see you! You look sincere and trust worthy!
-->> Am I such a funny person?? hahaha

"Warna Apakah Kamu?" quiz and the result is: Biru.. - Seseorang yang suka akan ketenangan, loe adalah seorang yang cinta damai. Namun setiap kali pertengkaran terjadi, loe sedih banget. Kadang-kadang pun loe sampe cengeng karena udah gak tahan lagi. Bisa dibilang, loe sedikit pendiam. Inilah mengapa terkadang pendapat loe jarang diterima, namun hebatnya loe bisa bertahan dan terus setia.
-->> Yup!! I like peacefulness. =) N I admit tat I'm such a crying baby too. >.<>

"Who Is Your Soulmate?" quiz and the result is Belongs With Someone With Class - Your future lover should be someone with class. You belong with someone polite and never afraid to admit their mistakes. They will help you see the good in life and appreciate everything.
-->> Haha Is it??

"SEBERAPA EMOSIONAL KAH ELO?" quiz and the result is PENYABAR BANGEET!! - lu tuh emang T O P dah. penyabar. lu bisa nerima semua keadaan dengan sabar. ga pake emosi. semua orang pasti tenang dideket lu. pertahanin itu. jangan sampe jadi orang yg emosian. ok?
-->> Am I such a patient person?? Hmm.. I dun think so.. hahaha

"Lo sahabat yang baik apa bukan" quiz and the result is: lo emang sahabat yang baik - lo bisa memahami gimana keadaan diri lo dan sahabat lo, dan bisa mnyeimbangkan keadaan kalian.
-->> Am I?? Juz u guys know it.. haha

"What is the name of the guy you will marry..."quiz and the result is: Alan - This guy is some hunk he is very sensitive though so don't get too agressive give him some space..
-->> Wat?? ALan?? who is him?? hahaha

"Which color is your aura?" quiz and the result is: yellow - Yellows are the sunniest, happiest and most childlike personalities in the color-spectrum. "All I want to do is have some fun!" is a song which is a wonderful representation of Yellows and shows their easy going, light and sunny character. These playful people have a wonderful sense of humor. They love to laugh and intimately enjoy life from many different angles. They advocate relaxation, the pure joy of life and live spontaneously. They are always reminding other people to not take life too seriously and to always look on the bright side. Life and work should both be enjoyed.
-->> Yeah.. I love to laugh. Hahahahaha But.. Am I enjoy my life?? hmm...

"What Is Your Japanese Name?" quiz and the result is: if your a girl your name is:Ai if your a guy your name is:Ren - Ai means love and affecton and your full of love so Ai suits you best:)And Ren means romance and love, thats cool cause chicks dig romantic guys :)
-->> Wuiih... "Ai" is really a nice name... I love it!! ^__^ Ai in mandarin means Love too. hehe

"What kind of tree are you?" quiz and the result is: oak - full of power, you are a mighty oak. you can be a thousand years old.
-->> I can live for a thousand of years?? Oh my... haha

"Are u in love?" quiz and the result is: you love him - you love him i say girl marry him and whatever you do dont lose him.
-->> Waaah.... *shy

"What age will you be when you get married?" quiz and the result is: 27 - you will get married when you are age 27..
-->> Hmm... still hav 6 years to go... hahaha

"What kind of smile do you have?" quiz and the result is: Bright Smile - With one smile you brighten everybodys day. You are very unique. People feel comfortable around you. You are giving and kind to others. happiness is in your heart to stay.
-->> Yes!! I wanna brighten anyone around me everyday wit my smile. =)

"What is the first letter of your soulmate?" quiz and the result is Your soulmate's name starts with an A!
-->> Wew!! A for Alan??? Hahahaha

"What kind of person are you?" quiz and the result is You're charming - your charming and you arent annoying you find dates often and are nice to should keep this up.
-->> Hmm.. again, Am I?? haha

"What's your life description?" quiz and the result is Caring, Optimistic - You find it necessary to make everyone and everything around you feel just fantastic. You really know how to lift people's spirits.
-->> Wah... I really can lift people's spirits?? hahaha I really hope so...

"What kind of husband/wife will you be?" quiz and the result is Great husband/wife - Your gonna satisfy your partner and make them the happiest person in the world.
-->> I wish it!!!

"Which Twilight Guy Should You Date?" quiz and the result is Emmett Cullen - You want a guy who loves cars and you. OMG! too bad hes immortal. well theres a way to fix these things. hes super cute so live up....Rosalie wont mind too much.
-->> My God!! Why not Edward Cullen?? hahaha I juz wanna him.. >.<

"The mood for you!" quiz and the result is Happy! - You are an exciting person. Everyone loves to be around you because your mood is always good.
-->> Ok, but not 'always' I think. haha

"If you were RICH, what would you be doing?" quiz and the result is Enjoying Family vacations - You enjoy your family time as quality time and especially with more money in the bank. You are definitely going to enjoy family filled vacations. For the best prices without having to be rich you can plan your vacations @ for the perfect trip less than costs @ other websites.
-->> Wuiih.. I hope it will come someday!! Coz I luv my Family...

"Who will you marry?" quiz and the result is Prince Charming - Seams you have done everything right and you will end up with your prince!
-->> Haha Since I'm charming then I will marry wit Prince charming too?? hahaha

"Why Do People Like You?" quiz and the result is Great Personallity! - People Like You Because You Have A Fantastic Personallity, Your Soo Bubbly And Love To Have Good Laugh. Your A Great Matee!
-->> Do I hav a great personality?? hmm...

"What is your real age?" quiz and the result is 14 years old.
-->> Wow! So young... hahaha

"What Color Is Your Heart?" quiz and the result is pink - The Pink Heart is compassionate, empathetic, imaginative, sensitive, mystical, spiritual, dreamy, passive, easy-going, idealistic, visionary, inspirational, accepting, undiscriminating, charitable, believes in soul growth, self-sacrificing and artistic. They can also sometimes be distracted, detached, illusory, impractical, gullible, neglectful, escapist and lazy..
-->> Yeah.. I'm imaginative, sensitive, dreamy, n passive too.. >.<

"Are you childish?" quiz and the result is Less adult-ish - You like to seem mature and knowing a bit here and there of everything, but with your family or friends (people you feel comfortable at) you open up and your childish site can shine out, you may like some games and hanging out with friends.
-->> Yeah.. it's quite true.

"How do you look at life ???" quiz and the result is realist - you look at the world in a realistic way, you are strong minded, your goal in life may be to have a good job start a family and try hard for your children?
-->> Hmmm....

"The Simple Truth??" quiz and the result is loving angel - You are a Loving Angel, that takes everyone underneath your wing. You are always there for the people you know and even the people you just met. You are the type of person everyone loves!.
-->> Waah.. I hope I'm like wat it says. haha

"How romantic are you???" quiz and the result is you are really romantic - kamu memang sangat romantis.kamu dapat merayu orang lain bagai mana caranya cari orang yang sama romantis. maka kamu akan saling mencintai.
-->> Hahaha.. Am I really a romantic person??

"SEBERAPA TINGKAT KEDEWASAAN lo?" quiz and the result is MATURE ENOUGH ! - lo masih agak labil , belum kuat sepenuhnya , hidup lo yang banyak cobaan itu , mgkn ada yang bisa bikin lo sedih bgt , tapi ga dalam waktu yang lama , karena lo bisa menyadari kalo hal itu ga akan bikin sesuatu yang uda terjadi akan berubah , so , kamu akan move on , dan ga pduli apa kata orang . hati lo uda cukup kuat , tapi perasaan lo masih sehalus kapas , jadi , jangan melihat masalah dari sisi negatifnya aja ! sisi positif dari maslah itu juga harus lo liat!
-->> Yeah!! It's really true... I need to move on.

"Whats the first letter of the person you will fall in love with?" quiz and the result is M.
-->> N then who's tis person wit M letter?? haha

"Are u in love?in Crush?or just friends...?" quiz and the result is In Loooove - U love that Person ....and u realy should tell him that before it's to late.
-->> Hmm.. Shud I??

"Waktu kamu kecil, anak seperti apakah kamu?" quiz and the result is Kamu anak yang PENDIAM - sssttt... dulu kamu itu sama sekali nggak punya obsesi atau motivasi akan jadi apakah kamu nanti. sikap kamu yang pendiam bikin orang tua kamu jadi cuek banged sama kamu. mulai sekarang berubahlah dan menjadi orang yang aktiv!
-->> Yeah.. it's quite true. but, my parents never ignored me before...

"Apakah kamu mengenal dirimu?" quiz and the result is cukup mengenal diri loe - lumayanlah... dah tau baik buruknya tentang diri loe.. dah bisa membawa diri lebih baik kedalam situasi manapun.... good job!
-->> Wah.. Do I really know n understand myself??

"Udah tau cara bikin gebetan suka juga ama lo?" quiz and the result is Excellent! yea, lo bener2 tau gimana cara bikin dy suka ama lo! - lo ngasi perhatian, tp ga berlebihann, waktu dy udah mulai tertarik ama lo.. lo malah ngejauh, bkin dy penasaran. emang sih, strategi ini ga berlaku buat setiap orang, tp rata2 ini berhasil bgt. good luck!
-->> Hmmmm... Haha

Ok, tat's all!! I really hav tried a lot of quizes, rite? N I think I wanna try some more. hahaha
Wanna know urs?? Then try it... It's quite fun.. really!! hahaha

Friday, March 20, 2009

Wonderful 21st Birthday celebration

Singkawang, Indo.

My Chinese Birthday, 25th Feb 2009

Waah.. since for a long time already I din celebrate my chinese bday wit my family in my hometown. Luckily, tis year I could celebrate wit them before I came back to Kch again. =)

Felt happy although there was juz a very simple bday celebration. My 2nd sis made a cake for me... (I got help her too, since it's quite fun for me...) hehehe U know wat cake tat she made for me?? A 'Frog' bday cake wit pineapple jam inside. Since I luv 'Frog' so much (Of course not the real one, k! Haha ), then she planned to make it for me. Wuuuiih... I was very happy, thanks so much sis!! N thanks to my Dad n Mom who gav me an 'Angpao' n 2nd, 3rd, n 4th sis who gav me bday presents. n oso to my bro who treat me eat. n to my future bro in law who made 'Nasi Kuning' for me. Thanks a lot... I luv u all!! hahaha

Below r the pics tat I took wit my sis n my nephew 'Yang2'... Miss him so much... >.<

Kuching, 14th March 2009

Birthday Celebration at Home (BBQ Party)

I celebrateed my 21th Bday at home on last Saturday, 14 March 2009. Actually my bday is on 18th March 2009. But, since it's on Wed, n I will not hav time to prepare for the party, then I juz made it a bit faster. I had invited 30+ of friends who majority of them r indonesian. There was juz a small bbq party wit some funny games. However, I really enjoyed n felt happy on tat nite.


Jelutong's Head of Chef... hahaha

Busy.. busy talking... hahaha

Busy preparing for the bbq... thanks for the helps ooo... N thanks to my luvly Nela, nek Laur, nek Susan, n Merry for helping me preparing for the other foods. N thanks to Wien who drove us to sunday market for buying things for the party. N thanks to Ko2 Yanto n Iman who already borrowed us a car. Thanks a lot!!

Hahaha.. see pic below, wat's wrong wit husin?? wanna fight wit nela??? hahaha
N wat'r they doing?? looks so busy... doing assignment during party??? hahaha

Taraaa... tis was my bday cake!! So big rite?? tis was the biggest cake tat I had in my bday!! Thanks guys... It's so nice!! N the message on the cake really made me so touch... Hiks! Thanks so much...

See... I was so happy!!!

Took pics wit my luvly friends...
Giving the 1st cake to the girls in the party...
After eating, we continued wit small funny games. Everyone sat around n had fun together...

Both of them r the winners of the King n the Queen in White's Day. Congrats oo.. hehehe

N tis is the last pic tat we took after the party finished... Thanks Chee Siang for helping me on tat nite!! Nice pics oo.. =) N thanks guys for coming to my party.. thanks for the wishes, presents n everything!! Really really thanks... Tis was be a wonderful bday celebration wit u all!!

Pizza Hut, 18 March 2009
N taraa... finally my bday come... Wat I was doing on tat day???
Hmmm... going to sch like usually, although there was no classes for tat day, but I went to sch for discuss the PIIT n Project subjects wit my friends. N finished on 5.30pm, April n Wien fetched us n we went to Pizza Hut at town. Had a dinner wit my housemates n took some pics there... =)
N at the nite, around 11+, there was another surprise from Yee sin n Jeremy again. They brought a small blueberry cheese tart wit a candle.. thanks guys!! Really so touched... >.<
N here r the presents tat I received in tis year... Thanks so much oo.. I luv them!!

Ok, tat's all!! C yaaaaaaaaa...............
Ps: There's not much time left..
Really wanna stop the time when there's juz between U n Me.